Donations / Payments

The DC area SAA fellowship welcomes you to use PayPal to make payments and donations to the fellowship. Some ideas include but are not limited to:

  • Conference, retreat or workshop payments
  • "Pass the Basket" intergroup meeting donations from remote attendees
  • Payments to Intergroup
  • General donations to the fellowship such as scholarships

Payments and donations can be made via PayPal by using this link:

  1.  Don't use the "Paying for a good or a service" option.  If you do, the Intergroup will incur a fee.
  2.  Be sure to add a note to your payment describing what it is for. (Refer to the above bullet list for suggestions on your note)
  3.  If registering for an event (e.g. retreat), include your name, email and phone # in the note.

Donations can also made via check made payable to Washington DC Area SAA Intergroup, and sent to:

P.O. Box 25267
Arlington, VA 22202
Thank you!