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Washington DC Area SAA Intergroup
P.O. Box 25267
Arlington, VA 22202
All Meeting Info: 470-22-DCSAA (470-223-2722)


The local Intergroup is comprised of representatives from SAA groups throughout the DC-Baltimore metropolitan area. The general purpose is to pool funds to more effectively reach out to sex addicts, operate committees to organize outreach, plan local events, establish local policies, provide a forum where groups can network with other groups, exchange meeting information, and discuss information about fellowship-wide issues. The Intergroup meets on a monthly basis (meeting info). Intergroup meetings are open to all members, but only elected representatives or designated alternates may vote.


International Service Organization (ISO) of SAA
(713)869-4902 or (800)477-8191
ISO SAA website:


The official organization at the head of SAA is the International Service Organization of SAA, Inc. See their website for more information. The content of this website has not been approved by and may not reflect the opinions or policies of the ISO of SAA, Inc.


The ISO (International Service Organization) of SAA provides powerful resources for those suffering from sexual addiction. The SAA website provides resources for meetings domestically and internationally, telemeetings for virtual meetings, and literature for recovery. SAA provides material for newcomers, monthly newsletters, and coordinates the annual convention.