Meeting Guidelines

Virtual Meetings - 7th Tradition Donation Guidelines

  • Individuals may make contributions electronically via PayPal to Intergroup via this link:
  • Select the option that you are paying For friends and family. Don't select For goods and services. If you do, then PayPal will charge a fee for your donation.
  • Include this message in the PayPal note: "General Donation for meeting meeting code"
  • To find the meeting code, go to the meeting details page by clicking on the meeting in the "DC Metro SAA Meetings" panel on the right. The code will be in parenthesis next to the day/time. Example Tuesday 7:30 pm Tuesday Solutions (va40)
  • If there is no meeting code, then put the meeting location, day and time into the note
  • Donations with a meeting code will be reported back to your meeting's Intergroup Rep as your group’s donation to Intergroup.


In-Person Meetings - Health Guidelines

If your meeting is held in-person, here are some suggestions/thoughts/ideas on how to be safe while still engaging the fellowship:

  • Do not attend if you have any virus-type symptoms
  • Wear a mask
  • Cover your mouth when sneezing/coughing, not with your hands but with tissue or elbow.
  • Avoid hand-shakes or hugs
  • Avoid passing anything around the room, instead have 'how it works", "12 steps", and "12 promises" read fully by one volunteer each.
  • For the 7th tradition of collecting money to support the fellowship, leave the basket in one place and have folks get up and leave money there. Alternatively donations can be made electronically. See information for virtual meeting donations below.
  • Once money is placed in the basket, don't touch it (except for treasurer).
  • During the closing prayer, remember to keep the recommended distance apart.


Sample meeting formats


Zoom Security Guidelines for DC Metro Area SAA Meetings


Basic Security

  1. A password will be required by anyone wanting access to the meeting. Each meeting attendee must enter a password to access the Zoom meeting. The password is normally available on the meeting web page, however some meetings require reaching out to a point of contact to get the password.
  2. Every individual that enters a meeting can be questioned to confirm their home meeting and whether they are a newcomer. All phone numbers must self-identify.
  3. Announcement is made regarding the possibility of an interruption and announce what the procedure will be to end the meeting in the event of an interruption.
  4. Those who enter after the meeting has started should still be screened. In the unlikely event that a meeting is interrupted in a manner that prevents continuation or is unsafe, the chair should announce the end of the meeting immediately. The host should execute the permission to end the meeting for all attendees.


Additional Security Settings:

  1. Enable a waiting room that attendees are sent to and must be approved by host. This “waiting room” can be disabled during the meeting and must be done by a host. Therefore, someone must be delegated to be the host and must sign in as host. Detailed instructions will be provided when the meeting ID and password is issued to the requestor.
  2. Do NOT allow participants to join before the host.


Host Management Options

Manage Participants icon:

  1. Remove a participant who is being disruptive
  2. Mute all or individual participants
  3. Lock a meeting to prevent additional participants from joining (“Manage Participants” then “More”)
  4. Prevent participants from renaming themselves (“Manage Participants” then “More”)
  5. Play Enter/Exit Chime (“Manage Participants” then “More”)
  6. Mute Participants on Entry (“Manage Participants” then “More”)


Share Screen ^ icon:
Screen Sharing Options: All Participants or Host Only (“^” beside “Share Screen” icon “Advanced”)


Share Screen icon:
Disable participants annotation (ability to draw on a shared screen, “... More” icon)


Chat icon:
In-meeting chat options (“Chat” icon then boxed “...” icon at bottom of chat window)


Important Main Screen Meeting Controls:
End meeting for all participants “End Meeting”


For more information on Host controls click here


Thank you and stay healthy and safe!